How Can a Student Write a Resume With No Job Experience?

Job search should start with a competent resume. This is the first business letter. And if it was not thrown into the basket, consider the goal achieved. 

If you are a university student with no work experience, it can take a long time to find it. A well-written resume is already half the battle. A competent resume sample of a student with no experience will help to declare the best professional qualities in order to attract an employer as soon as possible. So, this way there are many resume writing services out there. For example, Topresume review will show you a detailed review of the most popular resume service in the USA. 

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Lack of experience is not a reason to miss a chance. A competent approach to resume writing will set you apart from the crowd of competitors. If you are a student and you need to be noticed, then resonate with the total number of applicants, do not copy the text. Get rid of standard boilerplate phrases, make competent arguments in favor of your candidacy.

The Main Goal of a Resume Without Work Experience:

goal of a resume
  • be visible;
  • to declare about yourself, about your personal qualities;
  • to present skills, achievements;
  • to attract the interest of the employer to the candidacy;
  • get an invitation for an interview.

Before Starting Writing a Resume, Answer the Following Questions:

  • why you are better than others;
  • why should get a vacancy;
  • unique qualities;
  • how you can be useful to others;
  • what achievements you have in your life.

This information will help to highlight the main benefits if you fill out the correct part of the questionnaire to which the employer pays special attention. Thanks to this, your resume will be unique, selling skills and achievements. Then the employer’s attention will shift from inexperience to merits and benefits. Here you can write about academic achievements, diplomas received, prizes at olympiads, competitions, mark the places of internship, its successful results.

If there is no work experience, professional achievements, career growth, no marital status and a personal car, then, in order to compensate for the endless white fields of the resume, in addition to it, copies of diplomas and letters of commendation are sent.

These gimmicks achieve exactly the opposite goals – at best, they make employers smile.

What’s the first thing to do?

no job experience
  1. After your name, clearly write the position you want to get. It is not worth listing a few positions that, in principle, could suit you. The situation is such that it is not you who choose, but you are chosen and the employer is hardly interested in a wide range of your interests and potential opportunities.
  2. Then fill in your age, marital status, address and telephone number. Marital status should be written in accordance with your passport data. Do not mention a civil marriage, even if you are in it. Nobody encroaches on your personal freedom, but in the eyes of the employer it looks somewhat childish. If a person can be “a little married”, it is quite possible that, having come to the office, he will do a “sort of work”.
  3. Education is worth emphasizing in the resume, but not in the same way as most of yesterday’s students do. Do not bother listing all the “crusts” that you managed to collect. Image, massage, advertising and securities courses are only interesting if they are directly related to the position you want to get. You should also not write that you were the head of the class and sang in the choir. This has nothing to do with education and will not add points to you. It is worth remembering internships, workshops, etc.
  4. Highlight work experience. It is clear that, as a student, you could not work for a long time. Do not be afraid to indicate short work experience, even if you have worked for only 2-3 months, this should be reflected in the resume. Perhaps, as a student, you did an internship in a company. This can also be indicated, even if it is not reflected in the work book. A graduate who has already worked in his specialty for some time has advantages over his fellow, who has perhaps the best grades, but does not have experience. We will talk about how to gain professional experience in one of the following articles.

Your advantage can be knowledge of foreign languages, as well as modern computer programs and the Internet.

  1. Indicate personal qualities. The mistake of many is that students in this section emphasize their learning ability and openness to new experiences. Qualities, of course, are good and useful for any job, but the student’s resume reads something like this: “I don’t know how to do anything, but I’m ready to learn for a little money.” Before filling out this field, think about what personal qualities are important in the profession you have chosen. It can be an analytical mindset, the ability to work with large amounts of information, dedication, the ability to complete what has been started, punctuality. Honesty, decency, conscientiousness are still valuable, but the employer is interested in hiring not just good people, but also professionals.

To make a career, you have to become not only a cool specialist, but also a professional jobseeker. So, in parallel with your job search, master a related profession.